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Our goal and hope for Equipping Strength is to provide you resources through workouts, nutrition, training advice, and coaching to help encourage, inspire, and EQUIP YOU WITH STRENGTH.



We are located in the heart of Dallas, TX. We have two location options and we offer one-on-one personal training...
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Discover what nutrients your body needs to function properly and follow a nutrition plan designed just for you, with your goals and...
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Don’t live in the Dallas area? Get the best of both worlds, all ONLINE!
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Anna & Austin are a husband & wife personal training team from Dallas, TX.
They love working together and helping others reach their goals of becoming stronger, healthier, and better.

  • "Austin is extremely knowledgeable about fitness, nutrition and training. He takes the time to explain the objectives of each lift and exercise, so I can understand why it is important. I highly recommend Austin to anyone who wants to improve his or her overall health and quality of life." Corey D.
  • "Anna is truly remarkable in her commitment, focus, and dedication in planning each of my training sessions. It boggles my mind with every forward moving level of strength and growth I am achieving." Dorcie F.
  • "I've been working with Austin for over a year and I have never felt stronger or healthier. He places a high value on having the correct form with each and every exercise. No workout is quite the same. I have more energy and absolutely love how strong I've become." Andrea H.
  • "For the past 2 years, I've been training with Austin. The rigor, care, and attention he provides to my workout regimen are outstanding, and his deep knowledge of human physiology contributes an outstanding element of purpose and intent behind all we do in the gym." Geoff Z.
  • "Over the past 2 years, I have been training with Anna. Anna is results driven and tailors each workout to get maximum results. I have worked out with several trainers and thoroughly enjoy Anna the best!" Carie H.

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