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Our goal and hope for Equipping Strength is to provide you resources through workouts, nutrition, training advice, and coaching to help encourage, inspire, and EQUIP YOU WITH STRENGTH.



Discover what nutrients your body needs to function properly and follow a nutrition plan designed just for you, with your goals and...
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We are located in the heart of Dallas, TX. We have two location options and we offer one-on-one personal training...
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Anna & Austin are a husband & wife personal training team from Dallas, TX.
They love working together and helping others reach their goals of becoming stronger, healthier, and better.

  • "When I started, I could barely do a pushup, 10 air squats, or lift more than 100 pounds. Today, I can bench over 200lb, squat over 250lb, and deadlift over 350lb. Austin has taught me an enormous amount, and I know now that I have just scratched the surface of what I can ultimately do." Darren N.
  • "Austin is extremely knowledgeable about fitness, nutrition and training. He takes the time to explain the objectives of each lift and exercise, so I can understand why it is important. I highly recommend Austin to anyone who wants to improve his or her overall health and quality of life." Corey D.
  • "Anyone in need of professional, targeted, result oriented training would be hard pressed to find better than Austin Pilling. Whatever the goals, Austin has a plan to meet them." Matt H.
  • "Smart, caring professionals who study and try to improve all the time. Ethical, conscientious, and results-oriented. Anna is the best trainer in Dallas, in my opinion." Harry J.
  • "Anna really listens to my goals as well as my struggles. She works through struggles with me and helps to find solutions so I can continue to be successful and meet my goals." Leeann H.

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