5 Reasons you may not be seeing results in the gym:


  1. Not consistent with your exercise selection
    • Doing different exercises every time you workout does not allow for you to learn the proper mechanics and practice the lift
    • Pick big compound movements (squatting, pressing, rowing) and perform them multiple times a week
  2. Not progressively overloading your lifts
    • In order to get bigger, stronger, or more conditioned there needs to be progress
    • This is best done in the form of adding volume (adding weight or sets)
    • Make small 5% jumps to overload slowly
  3. “Program hopping”
    • Program hoppers love to start a new program then start another one 1-2 weeks later. This will ensure very poor adaptations especially if you are passed the beginner stage.
    • Stick to a solid program for 6-8 weeks before testing for progress
  4. Poor programming
    • One of biggest mistakes people make when training is grinding themselves down and working as hard as they can. Proper programming will allow a trainee to build up while putting forth more effort at the appropriate times. This is also much more sustainable in the long run.
  5. Be Patient
    • Anyone who has ever been successful at something did not do it in 4 weeks, 3 months, or even a year. Whether it’s athletics, science, business, etc., the most successful people put in a large amount of work and are very consistent. Expect results, but don’t expect them overnight.


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