We see it time and time again.

Someone walks into the gym, picks up some weights and starts curling them. They set them down, walk over to the leg extension machine and complete a set. Then they head over to the elliptical and hop on for a few minutes. You can guess how the rest of the workout goes…RANDOM.

If this is you, don’t be embarrassed! But I will tell you, you are not the only one and there IS A BETTER WAY!

First of all, random doesn’t just have to be a workout full random exercises, it can also be a random workout schedule. For example, a workout on Monday, nothing until Friday and then a completely different kind of workout. Basically, no consistency which means…NO PROGRESS.

Let me share with you 3 steps to take to avoid “random.”

Have a PLAN

This is crucial. If you have no earthly idea what you are doing when you go workout, ask for help! If you’ve never followed a strength training plan before, now is the perfect time to start. Hire a trainer or purchase a workout plan that you can do on your own at the gym. With a plan, you will know exactly what exercises you will perform (and in what order) when you arrive at the gym. You will know how many sets and reps to perform and how long to rest in between sets. Did you know that the order you perform certain exercises is actually important? For example, exercises such as squats and deadlifts should be performed at the start of your workout (after the warm up, of course) and exercises such as lunges, leg extensions, cable kickbacks, etc. should be performed at the tail end of the workout. Why? Because this will ensure you don’t burn out right away when performing large movements. Plus, having a plan before you get to the gym will save you SO much wasted time. You can get in and get out and leave feeling good after getting in an EFFECTIVE workout.

Stick with the plan 

Once you have a plan, now you just have to be CONSISTENT and stick with it. A good plan will ensure that each workout complements each other. For example, if you are working out every day and hitting both upper and lower body, your body never gets the time to rest and recover. That’s another downfall of performing “random” workouts. A good plan will give you the proper rest days and be designed to keep you progressing towards your goals. Just make sure to give it time and enjoy the process. If you don’t see visible results the first couple weeks, don’t give up and go start something new. If you always do that, you will never get to the point where your body can actually benefit from the work, progress, and begin to transform. Stick with it!

Track your progress

Another very important key is to track your progress! Especially if you are working so hard, this will help keep you motivated and moving in the right direction. If you aren’t tracking your progress, how will you know what you are doing is working or not? We track all of our client’s progress so that we can make adjustments to their training and nutrition plan as needed. If we see that their progress has stalled, then we will make necessary changes to kick them back into gear. Tracking your progress is not just stepping on the scale. You can measure body fat, grab a tape measure and do circumference measurements, or take progress pictures every 3-4 weeks and compare them. It’s exciting and motivational when you can visualize your progress! So don’t forget this essential step!!

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