IIFYM. If you have instagram or Facebook you probably see people posting the hashtag #iifym, posting pictures talking about “flexible dieting” and talking about MACROS. So what is “IF IT FITS YOUR MACROS”? What are MACROS? How can I adopt a FLEXIBLE dieting approach?


Let’s begin. All foods have what is called a “macronutrient breakdown.” This breakdown consists of Protein, Carbs, Fat. Some foods are purely protein, some are purely fat, and some are purely carbs. However, most foods contain a combination of all three. Protein, carbs, and fat are ESSENTIAL to the human body and we all need a percentage of each to function optimally. 

So how do you know what YOU need? Well, you have to take a lot of factors into consideration. Do you workout? How often? Are you lifting weights? Are you more sedentary throughout the day? These are questions you have to ask yourself as well as taking in consideration your age, height, weight, and current nutrition habits.

As a trainer, I’ve noticed that most of my clients had NO CONSISTENCY when it came to nutrition. A few days they would be VERY LOW in calories or one macronutrient and another day they would be VERY HIGH in one more more macronutrients. Most weren’t getting nearly enough protein in their diets and getting WAY too much when it came to carbs and fat. 

When starting out it is very beneficial to hire a coach to make sure you starting where you need to be. For example, if you are eating way under your caloric goal, your metabolism is probably not working optimally. In that case, you would not want to jump up to eating way more calories as that can cause unwanted fat gain.

Once you have your individual macro-nutrient breakdown figured out, that’s where the flexibility comes into play, that’s why it’s called “flexible dieting.”

We will talk more about the flexibility aspect as well as tips for counting macros, staying organized, eating out, and keeping it fun and maintainable in the NEXT BLOG POST. STAY TUNED…

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