Today I am going to share with you TWO days of eating because I had some GOOOD food this past weekend! We tried a new restaurant here in Dallas that I am in LOVE with, and I tried a few new recipes!

Let’s start with last saturday…

Breakfast: I was craving something warm because of the snow and sleet that we woke up to (once again) Crazy weather week here in Dallas! This was 1/2 cup of gluten free oats mixed with cinnamon and almond milk, then topped with some Vanilla Cake Coconut Butter (picked this up at Central Market the night before-soooo good) and a new flavor of Pb Craze, Choco Coco! I think I might like this flavor even more than Cookie nookie! I had this with a 4 egg white omelet (not pictured). Don’t you love my collection of nut butters!?!?


Lunch: After breakfast we didn’t let the weather stop us from going to the gym. And let’s be honest this lunch was a little motivation to get out and get my workout in. MODMARKET!! This place was so cool! They have ALL the nutritional information available so it is so easy to track your macros. Austin ordered the BBQ chicken pizza and I got half the Gluten Free M’rita with a side of Green Chicken Chile Soup! DELISH. One of the best gluten free crusts I have tried, and they have a wood fire oven. All their food is made from scratch and you can definitely taste the difference!


Mid afternoon snack: After lunch we decided to pop into Trader Joes (since it was next door) and get our groceries for the week ahead.  Then went to whole foods to pick up this gluten free canyon bakehouse bread. I knew I wanted to make an adapted version of grilled cheese! So here we have 2 slices of the GF bread, 1 oz of trader joes light mozzarella, 2 oz of grilled chicken, and yellow mustard. Perfect snack!


Dinner: If you haven’t tried almond butter on your sweet potato, you are missing out! I know I was! I was actually getting kind of sick of sweet potatoes but this put a new spin on it. This meal is 4oz of grilled chicken sautéed with spinach and 150g of sweet potato topped with melted almond butter.



Can you believe I still had left over macros after all this?! Haha gotta love reverse dieting! That called for a Beltsanderbrownie, basically a protein brownie made with Cellucor Molten Chocolate. Paired with 1/2 cup arctic zero and some Pbcrave cookie nookie.


Now onto Sunday…


Breakfast: This meal was a 4 egg white omelet topped with my favorite Clints Texas Salsa and avocado. On the side was my favorite Against the Grain cinnamon raisin bagel topped with trader joes almond butter. The best!


Lunch: Brunch Chicken melt! 2 slices of Canyon Bakehouse gluten free bread, 1 oz of light mozzarella, avocado slices, 1 fried egg, 2 oz chicken. Paired with a cup of low sodium butternut squash soup that I picked up from Trader Joes the day before! So good!


Look at that YOLK!!!


Mid afternoon: This is my favorite fish! 1 Swai filet baked and set upon 3/4 cup jasmine white rice, and a sprinkle of Daiya pepperjack and light mozzarella.


Dinner: PIZZA NIGHT! Austin and I both made our own personal pizzas! For mine I used a gluten free pita and topped it with tomato sauce, light mozzarella, spinach, and grilled chicken. Pizza two days in a row-Score!!


Dessert: Again I was left with some macros! I mainly had protein and some fat left over so I had another beltsanderbrownie that I purposefully undercooked this and topped with some Pbcrave cookie nookie. Perfect protein/fat combo!


As you can see I have fun with my food choices and meals! Dieting doesn’t have to be boring!!

Stay STRONG today!