Happy HUMP DAY! We’re halfway through the week!! For today’s, “What I ate Wednesday,” I decided to do a Full Day of Eating (FDOE) to give you an idea of what a typical day of meals looks like for me.


Note: These aren’t the prettiest of pictures, but just a realistic look into what my “normal day” nutrition looks like currently ūüôā


I am obsessed with this new oatmeal combination! 1/2 cup cooked oats mixed with 6g PB2 (1 tbsp), 5g Hershey’s Dark Cocoa powder (1 tsp), 5g (1 tsp) coconut oil, a splash of unsweetened cashew milk and some Sweet Leaf stevia drops. SO delish! It’s been my typical breakfast lately combined with 3/4 cup liquid egg whites made into an omelet with saut√©ed spinach. Fills me up!


Post workout:

I like to get something in right after my workout and lately it’s either been one of two things! Below, 1 slice of Canyon bakehouse gluten free multigrain bread topped with 1 tbsp pb2 and some homemade strawberry jam. 3/4 cup egg whites on the side. OR I do 1 scoop of whey protein shaken up with 1 cup of unsweetened cashew milk with either 1 slice of toast (or half gf bagel) with pb2 on top. YUMMO.



Sometimes my schedule is crazy and I’m training during the lunch hour, so I will have my quick PWO meal and then make this a couple hours later.¬†I’ve been keeping my meals very simple lately. Here we have 4oz cooked sweet potato (mashed) with a little sea salt and cracked pepper on top. Then I saut√©ed some spinach with 3oz grilled chicken and then some of this mediterranean quinoa salad I prepped earlier in the week. So good together!


Afternoon snack:

This day I went to a coffee shop to work in between clients so I grabbed my FAVORITE PB chocolate chip G2G bar to take with me. I ate this with some unsweetened iced mango tea at the coffee shop before heading to my afternoon/evening clients. These bars are great because they taste like REAL FOOD. Seriously, this one tastes like you’re eating a reese’s cup, but BETTER. You can get 10% off your purchase using promo code STRENGTH at checkout! Try them out, they will be your new favorite, I guarantee you!



I got done training this day¬†around 6:30pm and made some roasted veggies. Paired them with 3oz grilled chicken, 30g mashed avocado, and some fresh salsa. I like to dip the carrot “fries” into a little reduced sugar ketchup.



I forgot to take a picture of what I ate for dessert. I made some small¬†chocolate protein “muffins”¬†made with¬†canned pumpkin, coconut flour, cocoa powder, egg whites, choc chips. I had one of those with a¬†smear of PB¬†on top. A lot of times I might have a little¬†Halo Top¬†or a¬†piece of dark chocolate¬†with some PB.



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