If you follow us on social media, you probably already know that we road tripped down to Austin, TX this past weekend to celebrate Austin’s birthday. This week’s “What I ate Wednesday” is a highlight of our trip, all the food, fun, and why we love ATX!



Road trip essentials:

G2G bars, peanut butter, & Almond nut thins. Always have to have snacks on hand! 🙂

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The Magnolia Silos (Waco pit stop)

Since I am a HUGE Fixer Upper fan (Austin likes it too, he just won’t admit it 😉 ) We made a quick stop on the way in Waco, TX. We arrived about noon on a Friday and it was PACKED. Such a beautiful store though and it was so cool to check it out and be there in person. TBH, I hate crowds, I have a bit of claustrophobia and I definitely can’t shop when people are hovered next to me. So, we didn’t stay long because of that, but it was fun to stop by!!


Moonshine Bar and Grill (Downtown ATX)

Our first stop after checking into our hotel was Moonshine Bar and Grill just a couple blocks down from our hotel. Since the weather was warm enough and the sun was out we were able to walk there and it was so nice! Knowing we were going to have tex mex for dinner that night, I decided to keep things light and fresh and ordered this DELICIOUS salad. Tons of greens, juicy grilled chicken, avocado, and a lemon vinaigrette. Perfect.


Ma Ma Margarita!!

My absolute FAVORITE part of staying at the Hotel Van Zandt was the complimentary happy hour each night from 5-6pm. They provided these YUMMY margaritas, beer, and wine. And I have to say, this is one of the best margaritas I’ve ever had. It was so refreshing and definitely tasted like it was made with simple, fresh ingredients, and not the syrupy stuff. My other favorite part of the hotel was their Rooftop Pool deck. They had lounge chairs, comfy couches, a fireplace, outdoor bar, and the most INCREDIBLE view of Lady Bird Lake. We were in heaven. I honestly could of sat out there all day/night and been perfectly content. I will always stay at that hotel whenever we are in Austin.


Benji’s Cantina (6th Street)

We LOVE Benji’s!! We visited Benji’s Cantina last summer when we were down there for Austin’s powerlifting competition and we were so excited to go back! They have delicious chips and salsa (two kinds: a traditional and an avocado verde). But, their fajitas are the BEST. We ordered the chicken fajitas and they were yet again AMAZING. The chicken was so juicy and tender and they give you a huge portion. Their corn tortillas are some of the best I’ve ever had and the guacamole is SO good. We are kind of snobs when it comes to good tex mex, but Benji’s does it right every time!


Poppin Bottles

The service at Hotel Van Zandt was incredible, one of the best we’ve ever had. For Austin’s birthday, they placed a bottle of champagne in our room for when we returned. SO sweet!


Lady Bird Lake

Our hotel was located overlooking Lady Bird Lake and the view from our room was gorgeous. Saturday morning we woke up and walked down to the trail (less than 5 minutes away) and it was beautiful out. Such a perfect day to celebrate Austin’s birthday! 🙂 There were so many people running/walking/biking. We also saw a rowing crew out on the lake. Loved being close to this peaceful and beautiful place.


Hot Tea + Fireplace = Perfection

The lounge/living room at the hotel was one of my favorite spots! The hotel provided coffee and tea each morning and it was so nice to sit down there on the couch cozied up by the fireplace. One of my favorite things!!


Mount Bonnell

Saturday late morning, we drove out to Mount Bonnell and hiked up to find the most BEAUTIFUL view of Austin. Looking over the colorado river (and many million dollar homes) it was a breathtaking scene. Definitely recommend checking it out the next time you visit ATX.


Wahoo’s Tacos and More

Since we ate a small breakfast (protein bar/shake) at the hotel, we were pretty hungry once lunch rolled around. We headed over to Wahoo’s (near 6th st) for some fish tacos! Austin loves this place and has visited the chain in New Jersey and California. It was surprisingly really good and light!! Everything tasted fresh and not cooked in a lot of oil, which I really appreciate. A great fast casual meal!


ATX Sunsets

Of course we couldn’t get over how beautiful the sunsets were that weekend. Pair it with the beautiful skyline view from the hotel, and it’s just PERFECT.


The Capital Grille (Austin’s Bday dinner celebration)

This restaurant was FABULOUS. This was my first time and Austin’s second or third. First off, the service was SUPERB! They decorated our table with birthday confetti and hand wrote Austin a bday card. How sweet is that?! Our waiter was so nice and attentive! And the food couldn’t have been more perfect. Austin ordered the Filet with a baked potato and I ordered the Roasted Chicken (so juicy) with roasted carrots. We shared the Roasted Brussels w/ bacon and a side of Fingerling roasted potatoes. So flavorful and satisfying. I can’t wait to go back!!


Happy Birthday Dessert!

This was the complimentary birthday dessert they gave him. However, Austin hate’s sweets. Crazy, I know!! He just genuinely doesn’t like the taste of chocolate or anything sugary/sweet. So, more for me 🙂 Hah!! The flourless chocolate expresso cake was amazing and gluten free!


Geraldine’s Bar + Live Music

The hotel has a fun, trendy restaurant connected to it called, Geraldine’s. After dinner we headed back to hotel so that we could stake out a spot at the bar for the live music that night. After waiting for a while, we got lucky and got a good spot at the bar. My drink of choice? A glass of Prosecco. Austin’s? A whiskey on the rocks. Such a fun bar in a beautiful space! It was nice to hang out, have a drink, and listen to the live band. The restaurant plays live music 7 nights a week! How cool is that?!


Kerbey Lane Cafe (Last Breakfast)

We decided to wake up Sunday morning and head to grab a big breakfast before heading back to Dallas. Of course we went to the famous Kerbey Lane Cafe. Austin ordered ordered taco’s with beans and rice and I ordered the chicken verde omelet (asked for egg whites) and 2 GF apple cinnamon pancakes. I ended up having Austin eat some of the pancakes because they were huge, and I was still REALLY full. Kerbey Lane knows how to fill you up!


We had so much fun on this trip and cannot wait to go back!! If you have a favorite restaurant or place you like to visit in Austin, TX let us know in the comments below!!


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