Happy HUMP day!

I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted one of these, but I’ve decided to get back to posting my some of my meals from the previous week each Wednesday! Some will be a full day of eating, and others will be a compilation of meals or snacks that I’ve had in the past week. I love knowing what other people are eating and different foodie finds, so I thought I’d get back to sharing mine with you on this “What I ate Wednesday!”

Grass-fed beef burger with sweet potato fries @ Origin Kitchen and Bar

This is one of my favorite places to get a burger! I opt for no bun and extra lettuce/tomato. Their sweet potato fries are DELISH. Crispy and not super greasy. This was my post-workout meal from last Saturday.


Chicken Pad Thai @ Pak Pao

This was my FIRST thai food experience! Last week I met up with my girls for a post workout lunch & was so excited to try this place! The rice noodles were AMAZING and the dish was light and flavorful. It came with a good amount of chicken which I always love because, PROTEIN.


Greek Yogurt + San Franola Granola

This has become one of my FAVORITE high protein snacks lately. I like to take 1 small container of greek yogurt (this one is the Oikos triple zero vanilla-low in sugar!!) and top with this new granola I recently found at Sprouts. San Franola is hands down the BEST granola I’ve ever tasted. It’s gluten free, low in sugar, and has 10g of protein per serving! The cinnamon almond flavor literally tastes like cookies! SO. DARN. GOOD.


Bun-less Chicken burger + Crinkle Fries

This is for when you want a lighter, lower calorie option than the burger above. I found these YUMMY chicken burgers last week at Kroger. They are the Al Fresco Carmelized Onion Chicken Burgers. I found them on the frozen meat aisle. 1 burger is only 8g of fat and 17g of protein! It takes less than 15min to cook one up and they are SO good! Here I used lettuce wraps and low sugar ketchup, mustard, and fresh avocado for toppings. These crinkle cut fries can also be found at Kroger in the fries section and they are the “Simple Truth Organic” crinkle cut fries. 1 Serving has only 3g of fat and 20 carbs! They are pretty plain so I like to sprinkle on some seasoning or sea salt and pepper when they come out of the oven.


Tazo Vanilla Caramel Chai Tea

So I know this isn’t technically a “what I ate” rather a “what I drank.” Hah! But this tea is AH-MAZING! I don’t drink coffee so this is my go to every morning after my breakfast. The flavors are on point!



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