Is it already Wednesday?! This week is flying by! Here is my full day of meals from this past sunday! I picked up some brown rice tortillas from Whole foods and they are great! They are a mix of brown rice and almond flour, so they hold together a bit better than the Food for Life brown rice tortillas.

Breakfast: Sunday morning we slept in (it’s so much easier now with the time change, since it the sun doesn’t come up till almost 8am now!) I wanted a warm comforting breakfast so an omelet and oatmeal sounded perfect. This is a 4 egg white omelet filled with a sprinkle of Daiya Pepperjack and 1/2 cup Gluten Free Bobs red mill quick oats mixed together with almond milk, cinnamon, Sweet Leaf Vanilla Creme stevia drops, and topped with melted almond butter. Warm and filling!



Lunch: After we went grocery shopping we came home and I wanted to use my new brown rice tortillas. They are the Engine 5 brand and are delicious! I made a chicken quesadilla. Fill tortilla with 1 oz light mozzarella, 4 oz shredded crackpot salsa chicken, avocado slices, and then “grill” on stovetop. I paired these with a serving of Jacksons Honest sweet potato chips and Frontera Salsa. (new salsa I found at sprouts, which is delicious!)



Snack: After lunch we went and ran errands and did some shopping. When we got home I got in a cleaning mood and decided to clean/organize our apartment. I made a quick snack in between cleaning…2 plain rice cakes with 1/2 tbsp Trader Joes salted almond butter (my all time favorite brand!) Simple and quick. Plus, I had to save macros for my pizza later that day 😉



Dinner: Austin was so sweet and went and picked us up dinner. Pizza from Modmarket for him and pizza from Pie 5 for me! This was actually the second time I had Pie5 last weekend. We went friday night for the first time and I loved it! It’s a personal pizza place where you go down the line and get to choose your crust (they have the best gluten free!), your sauce, toppings (any as many as you want), and then they run it through their oven. And it’s so quick and easy, so it’s perfect for take out! I got the gluten free crust, topped with grilled chicken and pineapple and the second time I got half the mozzarella/provolone blend (to cut back on the fat and dairy!) It was delicious and really good macros for the whole pie!



Dessert: I totally forgot to take a picture of my dessert, probably because I was so eager to devour it! It was so good! I found this Cashew Milk ice cream at Sprouts last week and it is AMAZING. I made a cellucor molten protein brownie and paired it with a 1/2 cup of the Dark Chocolate Truffle ice cream. Although I love my Arctic Zero, this one tastes more decadent and like “real” ice cream, which it should since it has more calories. Definitely a good treat in moderation 🙂



We’re halfway through the week!
Stay STRONG today!