HAPPY HUMP DAY! For “What I ate Wednesday” this week I chose my meals from this past Sunday! Since we are home all day I love to cook and try new things 🙂 Enjoy!

Breakfast: For breakfast I made French toast that was AMAZING! I used Canyon Bakehouse 7 grain gluten free bread and dipped them in a 1 egg, 2 tbsp almond milk mixtures with cinnamon and some vanilla stevia drops. After cooking I topped them with pb2 and a drizzle of honey. Delish! For added protein, I paired them with a 3 egg white omelet filled with a sprinkle of Daiya Pepperjack shreds.


Brunch: We usually go to the 9am service on Sundays and then go grocery shopping, so we usually have a “brunch” meal when we get home from the grocery store. This time I didn’t go with the typical breakfast food but instead had a Mediterranean feast 🙂 I sautĂ©ed some chicken and spinach and paired that with some cut up baby tomatoes and cucumbers and topped it off with some Zilks Tzaziki sauce and 1 of my gluten free pitas. Perfect combo!



Late Lunch: A few hours later…this meal was 3/4 cup of Jasmine white rice with a sprinkle of Daiya pepperjack shreds. Topped with a baked Swai filet (my favorite fish to make at home!) and some avocado and Clints Texas salsa. YUMMM.


Dinner: Austin makes us steak a lot of Sundays, so we had Top Sirloin. 4 oz steak combined with sweet potato and melted almond butter.


Dessert: And of course my nightly treat to finish off my macros…Brownie topped with Arctic zero and Pbcrave. Let me tell you, the NEW Chunky Flavors of Arctic Zero are AMAZING. This one was the Chippy Chip!



Stay STRONG today!