Turn on the TV, open a magazine, drive down the road, and what do you see? Most likely a bombardment of supplement advertising. So how do you know what is credible and what is not? Do your research!! Read reviews. Ask around. Yes, those are all good things to start with. My advice? Get your nutrition down first! Look at the foods you are eating. Look at the amount of food you are eating. I believe that one should become consistent in a nutrition program before adding in supplements. But once you’re there what might help fill in the gaps and/or enhance your current program? Well, below I am going to share with you a few of my favorite supplements and these are all things that I take and really like. BUT, remember…if your diet is CRAPPY, and I mean not just eating junk, but say you aren’t eating enough or the right macros that your body needs, these won’t do much for you. So remember, start working on your nutrition FIRST, then come back to this. Okay? Got it? Good.


Whey Protein: I just use this as a supplement for protein. For example, if I’m on the go Ill grab a scoop and put in a shaker, mix with water or almond milk and out the door I go! Or after a workout if I am not going home right away to eat, Ill have a scoop on me to drink when I leave the gym. It’s perfect for when your busy because it’s not always convenient to carry chicken breast around haha. I LOVE the Cellucor cinnamon swirl and pretty much all their flavors. They work the best for cooking protein pancakes, brownies, muffins, etc. and they don’t make your baked goods dry like some whey does. Two thumbs up!

BCAA’s: I drink at least a gallon of water a day and that can get BORING. Plus BCAA’S (Branch chain amino acids) help your body burn fat not muscle, help keep you hydrated, and help with recovery. I drink these during my workouts, and pretty much all throughout the day. My favorite is the Lemon Lime BCAA from Cellucor or their Alpha Aminos in Fruit Punch. Tastes amazing!

Cellucor CLK: This is a non-stimulant fat burner that aids your body in burning fat. It does not cause any weird side effects and is caffeine free. I take these in the morning with breakfast.

Cellucor SuperHD: Since I don’t drink coffee anymore I take a scoop of this first thing in the AM. This does have caffeine in it, but isn’t a crazy amount. It also aids in weight loss and gives you an energy boost. I know a lot of people like to take it as a “pre workout.”

Alive! Whole Food Energizer Women’s Multivitamin: This is my favorite Multivitamin and I’ve definitely been able to tell a difference taking it. My energy improved within a week! I don’t eat a lot of fruit and not as many veggies as I should (IBS triggers) so a whole food multivitamin is crucial for me.

Ultimate Flora Critical Care Probiotics: I also take probiotics to help in healing my gut and maintaining a healthy gut flora balance. I’ve gone through so many probiotics and these are my favorite!

Natural Calm Magnesium: I take a couple teaspoons of this in warm water every night before bed. Within 15 minutes I’m falling asleep haha You can ask Austin! Not only does it help with digestion but it’s important to replenish your magnesium levels. Intense workouts can deplete your magnesium levels which can lead to low energy, fatigue, insomnia, anxiety, and other issues. I love this brand!

Feel free to contact me with any questions! Remember, if you go to CELLUCOR.COM and enter “ESTRENGTH” at checkout you will receive 25% OFF and free shipping on all orders!
Stay STRONG today!