Looking for some NEW Snack Ideas to  try? These are some of my favorite meals/snacks that I have been enjoying this summer! The perfect combination of flavors that will be sure to make your tastebuds happy!


  1. Avocado Toast: LOVE LOVE LOVE this! Toast two slices of bread. Mash desired amount of avocado (I use between 30-50g) and spread onto toast. Top with whatever you desire! You can stay as simple as a little cracked pepper and sea salt, or even top with a fried egg! Delicious!
  2. PB & J Oatmeal: Top cooked oatmeal with fresh strawberries that have been zapped in the microwave for about 30 seconds. Take a 1/2-1tbsp of peanut butter (or almond butter) and drizzle on top. Enjoy!!
  3. Strawberry Protein Waffles: You can find the recipe here Play around with the toppings & feel free to mix it up! They also freeze well (aka Toaster Waffles! aka Quick & Easy breakfast idea!!)
  4. Fiesta Lettuce Wraps: Take 3-4 large leaves of butter or romaine lettuce. Fill with grilled chicken, turkey, or lean ground beef. Top with low fat cheese, avocado, roasted bell peppers, salsa, etc!! Great low carb meal idea!
  5. Homemade Sweet potato fries: Wash and peel sweet potato. Cut in half longwise. Use a crinkle cutter (if you have one) or just a regular knife and cut into long pieces. Place on baking sheet and coat with coconut oil spray and desired seasonings. Bake at 425 for 30 minutes!
  6. PB & J Rice Cakes: Take 2 rice cakes (I like the lightly salted Quaker brand) and spread 1 serving of PB2 (powdered pb on top) Take 2 tbsp of Strawberry Elli Quark and divide between the two. SO good! Another great low carb/fat option!
  7. Elli Quark Parfait: Take your favorite Elli Quark flavor (mine is red velvet or sea salt caramel) mix in granola, or 1/2 tbsp nut butter, or some fruit! Be creative!
  8. Halo Top Sundae: Take 1 serving of halo top chocolate (or whatever flavor you prefer) top with 1 tbsp of StuffumNaturals* no bake cookie dough (I LOVE the smores flavor) Top with a dollop of Elli Quark Sea Salt caramel. BEST DESSERT EVER!

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