I’ve known Anna for several years and she is phenomenal! She is so encouraging and has taught me key fundamentals for working out and eating better. She pushes me hard during our workouts and keeps me motivated throughout the week. She has been very flexible with my crazy work schedule and I very much appreciate her!

Emily H.

I’m so happy I started training with Anna. She is careful and thoughtful and so encouraging, and I cannot get over how much stronger I am now than a year ago, when I started with her. Anna’s been great about tailoring a plan to fit my goals (and occasional injuries). I’ve never hurt myself training, and I am so much more comfortable just in my daily activities because of how much strength and endurance I’ve gained working with Anna.

Sarah N.

Anna is awesome. Not only are the workouts pushing me to my limit and now showing results, but I’m learning so much about nutrition and how much lifting weights can do for your body! She really takes the time to tailor the program for me and what I want to see. And then explain why she’s doing it and the benefits. Love her attitude, it makes me want to work harder!

Claire H.

I have been training with Anna for a very long time. She is very much on top of her game! She’s helped me learn how to eat and how I should be working out. Anna also loves Jesus, which is a huge plus! She also is always very positive and helps keep me positive!

Emily B.

Anna really listens to my goals as well as my struggles. She works through struggles with me and helps to find solutions so I can continue to be successful and meet my goals.

Leeann H.

Anna is truly remarkable in her commitment, focus, and dedication in planning each of my training sessions. It boggles my mind with every forward moving level of strength and growth I am achieving.

Dorcie F.

Over the past 2 years, I have been training with Anna. Anna is results driven and tailors each workout to get maximum results. I have worked out with several trainers and thoroughly enjoy Anna the best!

Carie H.

After a couple sessions with Anna, I could tell right away her workouts were more effective than what I had been doing.  My muscle tone and strength improved quickly – and I feel energized for my busy life with 3 kids!

Kristie Z.