That can only mean one thing…SUMMER VACATIONS! If you are traveling in the near future and want to enjoy yourself yet still stay on track and feel good, this is for YOU!

Here are some of our own personal tips/tricks for Staying on track while on vacation!


  • Pack your essentials

Make sure you have all you need to feel good and have still have a great time! For us this means we pack our multivitamins, macro-friendly snacks/food items, protein bars (we love quest or G2G bars), Xtend BCAA powder (lemon-lime…perfect for staying hydrated & replenishing electrolytes). I drink Calm Magnesium every night before bed so I always pack that! Basically whatever “routine” you have that makes you feel good while your at home, bring it with you!


  • Hit the grocery store

Whether you are staying in a condo and you have access to a kitchen to cook or are staying in a hotel, head to the store & pick up at least SOME groceries! When Austin and I were recently in Florida, we went to Publix first thing and grabbed everything we would need for breakfasts, lunches, and snacks/drinks. We planned on cooking from the condo during the day, and going out to eat for dinners. This can REALLY help and also save you A LOT of money. If you aren’t staying in a condo just grab a few items such as lunch meat, low carb wraps, oatmeal, protein bars, fruit, protein shakes, etc. that you can keep on hand in your hotel room.

  • Stay Active

Yes, pack your workout clothes and commit to working out at least 50% of the time you are there! Trust me, even if its a quick 30 min workout, you will feel SO much better! Especially if you are used to working out on a daily basis, this will be KEY for you. If you absolutely have no access to a fitness center or a local gym (yes, they do day/week passes ūüėČ ) then go for a walk, run, or complete a¬†circuit workout at a park nearby.

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  • Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

First thing when you wake up in the AM, drink a large glass of water. In the mornings I also like to drink a mug of hot water with 1 lemon squeezed into it. This helps with digestion among many other things. Right before you go to bed drink another glass of water. If you are drinking alcohol, this will be especially important. Who wants to wake up with a hangover?


  • Choose your liquid calories WISELY

This leads me to my next point. Watch what and how much alcohol & calorie dense drinks you consume. It will add up FAST, trust me. If you are making your own drinks opt for sparkling waters (like LeCroix) and mix it with vodka/tequila and a squeeze of lime or splash of juice. Champagne & sparkling wines¬†are better bets calorie-wise, but¬†can add up fast with sugar. Stay away from the soda’s and go with a diet one if you REALLY want one. No, a couple diet sodas are not going to kill you ūüėČ


  • Eat light during the day

Save up the majority of your calories/macros for the meal you want to enjoy the most, and usually that’s dinner for most people. So load up on lean protein for breakfast and lunch, and keep it moderate on your carbs and fat. Save most of that for dinner so you can relax and enjoy guilt free! Avoid the all day snacking and mindless eating. If you must snack, opt for veggie slices like cucumbers (helps reduce bloat) and hummus. And again, make sure you’re drinking water throughout the day! ūüėČ


Overall, don’t stress about it, relax and enjoy your time with family and friends. Go make memories!!! If you over-eat, skip a workout, and lounge around all day…it’s not going to completely derail you! Do what feels good for you physically and physiologically. For most of us, that means creating a balance and making healthy choices and maybe a few not so “healthy” choices. Have fun, rejuvenate, and make memories you’ll have forever!!¬†



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