Spring has SPRUNG.

Spring is when the shorts come out and the long sleeves are put away. When swim suit shopping begins & people start hitting the gym. Have you started your Spring Cleaning yet? What about in your KITCHEN? If not, what are you waiting for. Abs are made in the kitchen…LITERALLY.

Your Pantry:

Let’s start here. Take out all the processed/packaged foods. Throw away anything old, expired, and any & all TRIGGER foods. What’s a trigger food you might ask? Any foods/snacks that when you open the bag, your self control goes out the window. Think cookies, chips, popcorn, sugary cereals, and those trail mix’s that have more chocolate & raisins than actual nuts. However, what might be a trigger food for one person, might be totally different for you. Assess and then take action. 


Your Fridge:

Start by throwing away anything expired, of course. Now, ORGANIZE. Place foods such as eggs, egg whites, veggies, fruits, fresh water with fruit, whole food bars, etc. in plain sight. That way, when you first open the fridge those items will be some of the first you see. You may even want to do a little “food prep” at this point. Grill or bake some chicken, ground beef, turkey and place them in tubberware and on a shelf in your fridge. Cut up some cucumbers, spiralize some zucchini, and slice some strawberries. Place them in ziplock bags and put in your fridge. Make some hardboiled eggs and place them right in front so you have a good grab and go option.


Your Freezer:

Get rid of excess junk. If you open your freezer and see a bunch of lean cuisines, hot pockets, tubs and tubs of ice cream, maybe it’s time to clear out. Especially if those foods are trigger foods. Now, don’t get me wrong. We are all about flexible dieting and balance, however notice I just said BALANCE. If more than 15-20% of your foods are coming from processed, packaged, junk then it’s time to do a little recalibrating. For example, when I open our freezer, I have a little pint of halo top ice cream, we have a bag of frozen potato fries, some gluten free bread, frozen veggies/fruit, freezer waffles, even some chocolate. I choose not to stock my freezer with much frozen desserts/ice creams, frozen pizzas, etc. because I know my trigger foods & because when I want something like that I will just go out and get it. The freezer is also the perfect place to store leftovers such as when you make a crockpot meal. Portion the leftovers out and freeze them for easy lunch’s and dinners in the future.


Trust me on this.

If you follow these tips & clean out your kitchen, you will be one step closer to your goals. Remember that planning is KEY to SUCCESS. Set yourself up to SUCCEED by following these easy tips and tricks, and you will beat those cravings, crush those temptations, and spring into SUMMER already rocking and rolling!


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