We are located in the heart of Dallas, TX. We have two location options and we offer one-on-one personal training as well as buddy and group training.

Benefits of Strength Training:

  • Increased metabolic rate and caloric expenditure (more calories burned per day)
  • Increased bone and muscle density (less likely to become injured)
  • Relatively stronger overall body and improved muscle tone
  • Increased energy and enhanced mood

Clients will progress through numerous movements. The key to getting stronger is not about the quantity but the quality of the movement. Movements like squatting, extending, pressing, and pulling do not require 15 different exercises to perform. The human body goes through a neural adaptation before we experience any hypertrophy (muscle growth) adaptations. This can take longer for some than for others. Our goal as trainers is to ensure proper mechanics of the movements earlier on and quite frequently. Strength training is not something you can just jump into; it too must be practiced just like any other skill. The more time spent on these movements, the more changes we can also see in mobility, stability, and flexibility in a positive way.


Benefits of Anaerobic Conditioning:

  • Boost metabolic rate and caloric expenditure (more calories burned per day)
  • Improve cardiovascular fitness (decrease recovery time)
  • Improve stamina (increase endurance)
  • Aids in reducing body fat

Clients will perform conditioning based on their current goals and current conditioning levels. Our goal as trainers is to give clients something they can perform with high intensity without negatively affecting their recovery. We believe that anaerobic conditioning is more effective and beneficial for our clients in helping them reach their goals, than aerobic training.


Personal training with Equipping Strength is more than just exercise. It is a systematic approach to improving ones physical performance through several different factors. Programs are designed for the individual based on needs and weaknesses. Strength training is the foundation for our fitness programs. Clients will be taken through all major movements patterns through a progression plan. Clients will also be given conditioning plans, based on their current goals and needs, that they will find to be more productive then simply “jogging on the treadmill”. We believe in getting the most bang for your buck during each session.


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