This CONDITIONING workout KILLS. Austin and I went through this yesterday and it kicked our butt. We had a BLAST doing this together! It takes a while to get through a full round so that’s why we did 2 total rounds. If you are working out with a partner, you will go while your partner rests and vice versa. Except for the 400m row, which you will do simultaneously. READY. SET. GO. farmers


  1. Rower 400m 
  2. Jump rope 2 sets of 50
  3. Farmers Walk 2 sets 180ft
  4. Prowler push 180ft
  5. Box jumps 2 sets of 20ropes
  6. Rope slams 2 sets of 20
  7. KB Swing 2 sets of 20
  8. Repeat

Stay STRONG Today!