Push/Press and Conditioning Workout

HAPPY MONDAY! Thought I would help motivate everyone today and share my workout for today! Try it out and let me know how it goes 🙂 Pick a weight that is challenging, last couple reps should be a struggle, but maintain good form throughout. You shouldn’t be able to carry on a conversation. If you can, pick up heavier weights 😉


Warm up: 5 minute Row


1. Flat bench Barbell Press 5×6

2. Seated DB Shoulder Press 4×10

3. Cable Flys 4×10-12

Superset (4 and 5)

4. Push-ups 3×15-20

5. Lateral raises 3×15-20

6. Tricep rope pushdowns 3×20


8 intervals on the Stairmaster (20 seconds fast, 40 seconds slow)

500m row (fast)image-7

6 sprints on treadmill (20 seconds fast, 40 second rest)



Stay STRONG Today!