Why practice physical fitness?

 Why Physical Fitness?

             This is important question. It defines your motivation. Without a strong purpose for training, motivation will soon diminish and going to the gym will not be enjoyable. So what should be your reason for training or working out? Here are some motivating factors common in successful trainees.

  1. They want to improve some aspect of physical fitness
  2. They want/need to be “healthier”
  3. They enjoy training
  4. They see how the improved discipline in their training and nutrition has carried over into other parts of their lives

It is important to have goals while training. These goals should be both short and long term, as well as reasonable. Everybody wants to improve themselves physically in one way or another. Wanting to look better aesthecially is fine but there are other goals and motivating factors to keep in mind. We each get one body on this earth. If you were given one car or one house for the rest of your life you would probably take very good care of it. Why not treat your body the same?

More details will be revealed on what the motivating factors above really mean soon.

Stay Strong,