HAPPY FIRST DAY OF SPRING! What does this mean? The weather is warming up, it’s beautiful outside, but most importantly…SUMMER is right around the corner!!

If you’re anything like me, you LOVE being outside when it’s nice. So why don’t we take our workout OUTDOORS?


Here are a few ideas to take your conditioning/cardio work OUTSIDE.

  • Find a track: Run or jog the length of the track and walk or jog the curves. Repeat for 20 minutes. Then, sprint the length and walk the curves. Repeat for 10 minutes. Finish with a 10 minute cool down walk.
  • Find some bleachers or stairs: Go every step down and every other step up. Continue up and down for 1 minute, then rest (walk it out) 1 minute. Repeat for 20 minutes.
  • Find a hill: Sprint up the hill as fast as you can, walk down to recover. Repeat for 10 minutes. Side shuffle up the hill, walk down to recover. Side shuffle up the hill (other leg leads), walk down to recover. Repeat for 10 minutes.
  • Find a park: Jog around 10 minutes. Find a bench and do 10 single leg step ups (each leg). Do 10 pushups with hands on bench. Do 10 walking lunges away from the bench and 10 lunges back to the bench. Do 10 tricep dips. Repeat circuit for 4 total rounds. Jog around for 10 minutes. Finish with a 5 minute cool down.
  • Find a neighborhood: Jog to the furthest mailbox you see ahead of you. Once you reach it, sprint to the next furthest mailbox you see ahead of you. Walk for 30 seconds. Repeat for a total of 30 minutes. Finish with a 10 min cool down walk.
And don’t forget to warm up!! Walking leg kicks, butt kicks, leg swings, donkey kicks, high knees, etc. Dynamic warm up/stretches are a crucial step to the start of any workout. Let’s prevent injuries before they happen!! 

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