What do you get when you mix nut butter with whey protein, oats, honey, coconut crystals, and chocolate chips?



I am already OBSESSED with these bars! I’ve never been a huge protein bar person with the exception of Quest bars. However, sometimes those would bother my stomach. Then I found these AMAZING new bars and I haven’t had any other protein bar since! For today’s “What I ate Wednesday,” check out why I love these bars so much!

“The G2G bars are all completely natural, 99.9% lactose-free, and use many organic ingredients. The bars do not contain any refined sugar; instead they are sweetened with honey, brown rice syrup, and coconut crystals. They contain flaxseed and coconut oil, and are flavored with cinnamon and vanilla. The bars are high in protein, which comes from whey isolate, peanut & almond butters, (freshly ground) and oats. In addition to fantastic taste and satisfaction, the ingredients in the G2G bars possess countless health benefits.”


The MAIN ingredients you will find in EVERY bar are: Whey protein, Oats, Flaxseed, Coconut Oil, Cinnamon, and either Peanut butter OR Almond butter. 

You can choose from: Almond butter chocolate chip, Peanut butter chocolate chip, Almond butter fruit nut, and Peanut butter fruit nut.

I’ve tried them all and LOVE them all. My favorite? Probably the Peanut butter chocolate chip because it reminds me of my favorite candy, Reese’s 😉

I love that these bars are made with whole food ingredients and NO preservatives. To keep them fresh, they must be kept refrigerated.

Go try them out TODAY by heading to https://good2gobar.com

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