“Yesterday you said tomorrow.”

I can’t tell you how many times I have heard the phrase, “I’ll start monday.” or “I need to wait till next week.” or even “Let me get through this month first.” You know what all these statements are? EXCUSES.


I think that a lot of people fall victim to Excuses. Working in the fitness industry for so many years, trust me, I’ve heard them all. What I’ve noticed though, the people that don’t make excuses are the ones who see results. It’s that simple. Excuses hinder your ability to change, to grow, to succeed. Those who show up TODAY, not TOMORROW, are already one step closer to their goals. It takes CONSISTENCY, DEDICATION, AND PASSION. How bad do you want it? Seriously ask yourself that question. Write down the answer, or answers. Write down why you want it. Write down how you are going to make it happen. Then go out and DO IT. Today, not tomorrow. And when you feel discouraged, go back and look at what you wrote down. Look at where you started and compare yourself to where you’ve come. Then KEEP GOING.

Excuses are for the weak, but you, YOU ARE STRONG.

I say this all out of love.

Stay STRONG today!