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Resistance training is basic joint mechanics. It’s training your body’s basic movement patterns to develop a stronger, healthier physique.  This is why it is so important to focus on a few exercises at one time. You will become really good at performing those exercises and your body will begin to adapt. If you apply this theory to any other sport or activity, it makes sense. If you want to become better, you practice the skill.

Lifting is a skill. As a coach I see a pattern with many people new to training. They lack the coordination in order to successfully perform a movement correctly. This is why I have them start off with 4-5 big exercises, max. For example: Some variation of a Squat, Deadlift, Pressing movement, and Pulling movement. I need them to master those exercises, so I have them perform these movements multiple times a week. Of course these movements are not the same with everyone and depend on a number of different factors.

Do not focus on finishing your reps! No matter what your level of expertise is in the gym, your focus should be geared toward the completion and proper execution of each rep. When you focus on finishing instead of executing, reps get sloppy and we are no longer training the proper mechanics. The worst thing you can do is become accustomed to improper technique. Once you have done something for so long and worked up a certain level of strength, it’s very difficult to change. This is stubborn and will only lead to injury.

  • Do this. Whenever you are about to perform a set, remember that you want each rep to look the same. Start in the same position. End in the same position. This will also help you be consistent with your progressions. Did you really get stronger or did you just find a new way to bounce the bar off of your chest? Did your squat get stronger or has the movement completely changed over the last 8 weeks? Also the opposite. Is that deadlift heavier today or are you just rushing your mechanics and making it harder? I have seen somebody improve a lift in 5min just by fixing their technique.

Stronger and healthier. If you practice something consistently, you will improve your mechanics and doing it will become easier. If your mechanics are strong, you will be least likely to develop an injury. Take your reps one rep at a time and you will get much more out of your training.



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