How to Make a Change

make a changeWhen you think about your life, what changes have you made to get you to where you are now? 

Life is all about changing, growing, and learning. However, it all begins with one person: YOU. Ultimately, YOU are the only one who can make those decisions, to change.

It’s great to have goals in life, dreams, and aspirations. But, how do you reach those goals without taking that first step? The same is true when it comes to health and fitness. Everyone wants to be a little stronger, lose a couple pounds (or more), start eating better, gain more confidence, fit into a pair of jeans they wore 5 years ago, and the list goes on.

When you think about it, nobody is stopping you from making a change, except yourself.

Maybe it’s time to get real here. Set attainable and realistic goals daily/weekly/monthly that will involve CHANGE.

Without change, there is no growth. Without growth, there will not be change. 


Here is an example of 3 goals:

  1. I will wake up 30 minutes early Mon, Wed, Fri and start my day with a jog
  2. I will spend 2 hours on Sunday to grocery shop and meal prep
  3. I will spend 30 minutes before bed (electronics off) reading or journaling


  • What are 3 goals you can set TODAY that will promote CHANGE in your life and make you stronger than you were yesterday?
Don’t stay complacent in life. If you want to see a change, go out and make one. 


Stay STRONG Today!