Weekend Getaway in San Diego, CA. Sunset dinner in La Jolla on a rooftop ūüôā

Whenever you start a fitness and nutrition program, you will experience times of strength, times of struggle, and even moments when you feel “burned out.” If you haven’t experienced it yet, don’t worry because you most likely will at some point. The question is, “how can we achieve balance to prevent burn out and keep us headed towards our goals?”

Austin and I love what we do. We find so much joy in helping others become stronger, healthier, and happier. We love when our clients leave their sessions feeling GREAT and energized! We also enjoy our own training and pushing our limits in the gym. We’ve found what works well for us when it comes to nutrition and working out. However, we cannot stress enough how important it is to maintain, BALANCE.


Spending a relaxing Saturday afternoon at the Rustic in Dallas listening to live music and enjoying a drink at the bar.


Our Friday night date night spot. Our FAVORITE homemade tacos at Sugar Skull Cafe in Dallas.

For us, balance means working hard in all we do, fueling our body properly, but also enjoying that dinner out or a day off when we need it. We LOVE going out for good food with friends, having date nights and enjoying a drink out on a patio at our favorite Dallas spot, or taking a rest day or “active” rest day (doing something different such as swimming, stand up paddle-boarding, walking the dog at white rock, etc.) when we need it. We absolutely love this lifestyle because of the balance we maintain. Yes, we do food prep during the week and eat almost all of our meals from home during the weekdays. That gives us the freedom (and extra cash) to go out a couple times and enjoy our favorite foods/treats around town.

So, if you’re thinking about making a change or starting a new workout/nutrition program, but are thinking that you will have to give up ALL the things you love, or won’t be able to go out with friends anymore, STOP right there. Those who succeed are those who understand BALANCE and successfully make steps toward improving their health and getting stronger DAILY. Yet, because this is a marathon, not a sprint, you can still enjoy life.

Go for your goals, but don’t quite enjoying life. Think of it as an¬†80/20 rule if that helps you. 80% of the time you are disciplined, which means getting your workouts in and planning and prepping your meals so you can reach success. 20% of the time allow yourself some freedom to enjoy that slice of pizza or have that glass of wine at dinner. Take a day off if you’re body really needs it, and save that workout for a “make up” day. And remember, you’re human. One mistake doesn’t mean you’re doomed. Just brush it off and keep moving forward.




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