We all set goals. Whether it’s a goal for the day, the week, the month, or the year. Yet, if we’re being truly honest with ourselves, how often do we really follow through in reaching our goals?


Let me tell you 3 practical steps you can take to help you stick to your goals: 


1. Write them down

This is the first step in goal setting. The act of writing something down helps your brain process what you are striving for. Writing them down solidifies what your goals are. When you write them down, you can go back to that piece of paper and read them to yourself. Or, write them on sticky notes and place them in a place you can see them each morning, like the bathroom mirror.

2. Tell them to someone

Accountability is key. Go to someone you trust and are close to and tell them what your goals are. You can even brainstorm with them ways to accomplish those goals and/or ask for their advice. See if they will hold you accountable by checking in with you each week/month. When you can verbalize your goals to someone and explain to them the steps you are going to take to reach them, you have a better chance of following through in reaching those goals.

3. Set a date

Yes, get out your calendar and write in what days you want to have reached one of your goals. For example, maybe you write, in April 1st I want to be able to run a 5k without stopping. Or maybe you write down, by June 15th I want to be able to squat or deadlift X amount of weight, or finally be able to fit into my favorite pair of jeans again. Whatever your goals may be, breaking your big goals into “mini goals” and putting them on your calendar is a great way to stay motivated.

What are your tips and tricks for sticking to your goals? 
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