• Having goals in the gym will keep you motivated and increase your confidence
  • The most popular response people give us when asked about their goals or what brought them to the gym is, “Looking better” or the need to lose weight.
  • Goals IN the gym will give you much more success toward these overall goals

Fact: Most people lose motivation in their training less than 4 weeks after starting


Goals need to set both for the short and long term. A general goal of “looking better” or losing weight is far too general. We love seeing those goals switch to the performance goals in training. Here are some great goals ideas:


  1. Setting PRs (personal records)
      1. Increasing your strength on barbell, dumbbell, and bodyweight movements with reps of anywhere from 1-20
      2. Decreasing the amount it takes you to perform the same amount of work (ex. 500m row)
      3. Adding more work in the same amount of time
  2. Losing or gaining a certain amount of weight in a certain amount of time (short term)
      1. Specific goals like “5lbs in 4 weeks” will help increase motivation and also allow for proper adjustments to ensure success

Try setting goals like the ones above and notice much more physical and mental changes!