Fat loss is a goal for many, and many people struggle with how much and/or what to eat to lose weight AND keep it off.

Below are some recommendations I would give anyone who wants to start a fat loss phase:


Determine where you’re at CURRENTLY


You must answer these questions:

  1. How many calories am I currently consuming on a daily basis?
  2. Am I losing, maintaining, or gaining weight?
  3. Is my diet balanced? Aka, am I consuming a good ratio of protein, carbs, and fat?


Start Tracking for 5-7 days and you should be able to answer these questions.

Make sure you are tracking what a normal week looks like for you. Don’t try and make any changes to your diet or try and “eat healthier” at this point. You want a realistic gauge of where you are at and how things are looking.

Note: My Fitness Pal and My Macros+ are great app’s that you can use to track! And even if you don’t plan on tracking your macros forever, it is wise to do it for at least a short amount of time to see where you’re at and how to fill in the gaps/adjust your portions to yield the results you want! 


Determine your GOALS

If fat loss is your main priority, then you can easily make adjustments after knowing where you sit currently.

Kickstart the fat loss

  1. Create a calorie deficit
  2. Balance out your macronutrients


Protein: 1g per lb of lean body mass is usually a good starting place (There are 4 calories per 1 gram protein)

Fat: 25-30% of total calories (There are 9 calories per 1 gram fat)

Carbs: Remaining calories after determining protein/fat requirements (There are 4 calories per 1 gram carb)

For example, if your starting calorie deficit is 1600 calories and your lean body mass is 130lbs, then your breakdown might look something like this: 130P/53F/150C


Remember, this is just a way to find your GENERAL starting point, but because everyone’s body’s and metabolisms are so different, this may be too much or too little for you. The only way to know is to try it for a couple weeks, staying VERY consistent, and see how your body responds. Only after a good couple weeks of being CONSISTENT, would I recommend even making ANY changes.

Always keep this in mind…You want to start a fat loss phase at as HIGH of calories as possible, doing as LITTLE as you can (training-wise) while still yielding results. And remember, slow progress is still PROGRESS.

Please note that if you discover that you are eating pretty low calories (consistently) and MAINTAINING your weight, it might not be wise to be in a fat loss phase at the moment. That is when a reverse-diet might be useful to restore your metabolism, balance out your hormones, and build a HEALTHY metabolic capacity. (Contact us if you’re interested in a reverse-diet or want to know more.)



  1. Eat lean Protein at EVERY meal (yes, even “snacks”) It should be the bulk of your meal
  2. Swap out sodas, fruit juices, energy drinks, etc. for WATER (add some flavored water drops or lemon/fresh fruit for flavor!)
  3. Plan your meals ahead of time & prep some food to keep on hand (in your purse) or in your fridge to make your days easier and keep you from grabbing fast food or getting super HANGRY.


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