“It’s not easy”

http://muscle-munch.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/01/smg122.jpgKeep it simple stupid. Don’t get caught up in what magazines and infomercials are telling you. People will waste so much time and energy searching, discussing, and debating minor details in training and nutrition before they ever dedicate themselves to what works. Take time out of your day to make yourself stronger. Be an example to people around you. Inspire them just as you were once inspired. This isn’t just about “looking better”. Create a balance of physical and mental strength and push those limits. It’s not easy. It’s not easy to consume the right foods everyday. It’s not easy to get a reasonable amount of sleep every night. It’s not easy to cut out some aspects of your life to make room for your training.Very few things that are worth doing are easy. It’s easy to get caught up in things that distract us from our original good intentions. Create new habits. Today is a great day to start.