• If you a not involving a deadlift variation in your strength training regimen, you could be missing out on more strength, muscle, and better posture
  • There are many way to perform a deadlift, the key is finding out which position is safest and strongest for your body
  • Hitting personal rep records on this movement can be quite fun and rewarding

Here is a general setup/execution to the deadlift (conventional):

1.  Cut your feet in half with the bar (so the bar should be in the middle of your foot)
2.  Reach down and grab the bar outside your knees
3.  Bend at the knee until your shin is up against the bar
4.  Drop the hips a little, get the chest out
5.  Execute the movement by pushing your feet through the floor and lifting your chest up
6.  Finish standing tall and squeezing your glutes through (like a soldier at attention
Pyramid up in weight and finish with 1-2 working sets in the 3-12 rep range.