Creative, yet healthy ;) DATE ideas in Dallas

When you think about a typical date, what does that consist of?

Dinner and movie? Then going out for froyo afterwards. Picking up take out for two and cuddling up on the couch to a movie? I know when you start dating someone, eating together is a common theme. If you are used to eating a certain way, then you start dating someone and they are wanting to go out on lavash dinner dates, pick up dessert, go to the movies, go to EVERY sunday brunch, etc. Sometimes what they call “love chub” can slowly creep up. haha.image-9 So, you and your significant other are looking for ways to spend time together, be active, eat healthier, and have fun. Well, here are some great ideas, many of them Austin and I have done together and recommend to you!  image-10 image-11

  1. Go to the gym together (you knew I would say that one! 😉
  2. Pack a lunch, a blanket, and head to White Rock Lake for a picnic
  3. Go grocery shopping together and cook a meal together (Your favorite meal or try something new!)
  4. Take your pup to Mutts Cantina or Klyde Warren Park (great people watching)
  5. Go for a jog one saturday morning and come back and make protein pancakes
  6. Go to Movie Trading Company and each of you pick an old movie you like but haven’t seen in forever. Go home, make a big pallet in the living room and have a movie night. Don’t forget to make some healthy treats 😉
  7. Grab the cowboy boots and head to Red River on a Saturday night and dance the night away
  8. Take a nice long walk on Katy Trail and stop by Company Cafe for a refreshing Kombucha tea
  9. Try an out of the gym activity such as hiking or rock climbing
  10. Spend a rainy day at Barnes and Noble, share what you read with the other and get their thoughts
  11. Find a patio, pour a glass of wine and just catch up and talk (my favorite)
  12. Take the truck off-roading (Austin’s favorite 🙂 )

Tomorrow is Friday, so now you can’t say, “we have nothing to do this weekend!” Try one of these!

Stay STRONG Today!