Phew, this workout was KILLER. Push through it and keep that heart rate up. Take short rests in between sets if needed, but make sure to PUSH. You should not feel comfortable, heart will be pounding, and sweat dripping. GO KILL IT!

Conditioning Circuit image3.PNG image5-4
  1. 400M row
  2. 50 jumprope x 2
  3. Sled push x 2
  4. 20 Box jumps x 2
  5. 20 sec Battle Ropes x 2

(Repeat 1-2 times)

Ab Circuit
  1. Hanging leg raises 8-10 reps
  2. Decline oblique twists 30 reps

(Superset for 4-5 sets)

  1. Ab wheel 12 reps
  2. Roman chair oblique leg raises

(Superset for 3-4 sets)

Finish with Tire Flips 20 reps x 3-4 sets
Stay STRONG today!