Austin and I recently became ambassadors for Compete Every Day, a clothing company that believes that “life is worth competing for.”

Each day when you wake up, you are choosing to compete every time you face struggles, yet choose to fight for victory in your life. What one person is facing, might be totally different than what someone else is facing, but the common ground is that we are all competing for something in life. Everyone faces setbacks and everyones experiences defeat, but CED’s mission is to inspire you to use those failures as “fuel for the fire” and make the choice to keep competing.

We are so passionate about this brand because of the motivation and inspiration it provides.

“Competing every day isn’t about what you do in the gym or a workout. It’s about taking control of your life and refusing to let fear hinder you from the goals you seek to accomplish and the people you desire to adventure through life alongside. It’s about finding the strength within to face the unknown, the courage to stare fear in the eye, and the determination to find a way to move forward. Every single day you live on this earth.” – Jake Thompson, Chief Encouragement Officer, Compete Every Day

Compete Every Day also supports local charities through their Compete for a Cause platform. They have raised money for several charities and nonprofits through their Shirt-specific campaigns. This year they launched their USA Strong campaign where for each USA Strong shirt they sell, they send one to an active military personnel.

Join in and make a difference to those around you by helping support CED and those they are reaching all around the country. Whether you are looking for some motivation to power you through your workouts, or looking to offer inspiration to someone you know, CED has some great apparel for both men and women.

Receive 10% OFF your purchase when you apply promo code ESTRENGTH at checkout!

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