If the answer is no…you are doing something wrong!

With flexible dieting, no foods are off limits! Phew…because I don’t think we could ever give up pizza, it’s our favorite!

Pizza tends to get a bad wrap when it comes to weight loss or “eating healthy.” Many people will say don’t eat pizza, burgers, etc. etc. In all honesty, PIZZA IS NOT THE ISSUE. How much you are eating in a total day is the real issue. People tend to eat a diet that is very low protein, and high in carbohydrates & fat. So often times their meals are very calorically dense, which we all know, if you are taking in more calories than you burn, you will gain weight.

How do we eat pizza and still reach our fat loss goals? Well it’s all about planning ahead. If you think about it, pizza has quite a bit of carbs and fat. So basically when we plan on getting pizza for dinner, we plan the rest of our meals around it. Our other meals will consist of lean protein, high volume veggies and minimal carbs/fat. That way we can save most of our carbs/fat and have a few slices of pizza-guilt free!

Last Friday was NATIONAL PIZZA PARTY DAY, so obviously we went to our FAVORITE Dallas spot, Fireside Pies.

Ladies and Gentlemen, this place is legit. If you know us, you know how much we LOVE this place. The food is awesome, yes, but so is the service AND the atmosphere. We love the Henderson location because of the large covered patio and it’s so cozy & perfect all year round. And YES even if you don’t want pizza, they have other options like their huge fresh salads that are perfect for sharing.

I got their new Rosé which is canned. I was SO surprised on how good it was! At first I was thinking…canned wine? Eh. But it was light, slightly effervescent, and refreshing. And look how GORGEOUS their patio is?!


We started with the Texas Bibb salad which is a combo of bibb lettuce (we swapped it with mixed greens), green onion, avocado, tomatoes, goat cheese, hearts of palm, crispy bacon and a shallot red wine vinagaigrette on the side. We got the large and split it for our appetizer. It was fresh and the flavors were on point! Goat cheese just makes everything better, am I right?!


We ordered two pies. Austin ordered the Straight, which is a tomato base on their original hand tossed crust with a four cheese blend. He makes a couple modifications by asking for light cheese and double chicken…because, well PROTEIN 😉

I ordered the Basalmic Roasted Chicken Pie and it’s my absolute FAVORITE. I go for the gluten free crust (because of my GF intolerance) & then I ask for goat cheese instead of bleu cheese in the salad topping. It’s AMAZING. Thin and crispy crust and loaded with chicken, mushrooms, spinach salad, & diced tomatoes. Simply perfecto! 



We split the salad, enjoyed our pizza and I left some on the plate for leftovers. Austin on the other hand finished his whole pie…buuuut his macros are WAY higher than mine 🙂

We are here to tell you that you can go out to dinner, enjoy foods you love, and still stay on track to reaching your goals. You just have to be smart, make the right choices, plan ahead, then relax and enjoy yourself! Don’t go overboard, but don’t restrict too much either! 

Fireside Pies has 2 locations in Dallas and 1 location in both Grapevine and Plano. This is definitely our date night place of choice & we already can’t wait to go back! Check them out HERE.


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