You can’t fake a strong back

The back is a muscle group that is often overlooked. It’s easy to come into the gym a work muscle groups that you can see but developing a strong defined back takes determination. I say you can’t fake it because if someone has defined muscles in their back you know they have put their time in the gym and earned it. The muscles of the back also contribute to strengthening almost all of the basics movement pattern lifts. Strong backs improve posture, give better foundation, and help to prevent injury. So how can you go about building your own posterior?

Building a Big Strong Back

Stick to the basics!

  1. Deadlift (find the best stance for your body)
    1. 3-5 reps
  2. Pullups/pulldowns (vary your grip)
    1. 50-80 total reps
  3. Rows (many variations)
    1. reps anywhere from 8-30
  4. Shrugs
    1. reps anywhere from 8-30


A strong back is vital to having a complete physique. Make sure it is not overlooked.