Do you LOVE goat cheese? And butternut squash? Well, have you tried the two TOGETHER? Get ready, you’re in for a TREAT!


Serving Size: 1

150g Spiralized butter nut squash “noodles”

2 handfuls of fresh spinach

1oz crumbled goat cheese

4-5oz lean ground chicken (more or less)

  1. To spiralize a butternut squash, simply peel the skin off the whole squash, cut in half (width-wise) and spiralize each half at a time. I love using my Paderno Spiralizer.
  2. Measure out about 150g of the “noodles” More or less depending on how much you desire.
  3. Place on a heated pan (medium heat) sprayed with some coconut oil spray. Spray the noodles and sprinkle with some sea salt. Cover and let it steam.
  4. Every few minutes, take the lid off, and sauté noodles then place lid back on.
  5. Do this off and on until the noodles become soft and pliable.
  6. Throw some spinach in the pan and let that steam
  7. Add chicken and goat cheese and mix everything together
  8. Transfer to plate and ENJOY! 


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