Looking for the BEST exercises to incorporate into your lower body training days? Well these are some of the best, in my opinion, and they really target multiple muscle groups at once and if programmed correctly, will help you increase strength and progress to your goal.


  1. Barbell Squat: I like to change up my reps/sets/weight on these. I usually go through doing 5×10, 3×10, 1×10, then start over with 5×8, 3×8, 1×8, and so on so forth. Basically with this method I am taking a percentage of my 1 rep max for each lift. It’s a great method to use to get stronger and see progress.
  2. Barbell Deadlift: Like Squats, these are another one of my main lifts each week. I program these the same way I do my Squats. Both Squats and Deadlifts are done twice a week. For me it’s Mondays and Fridays.
  3. Hip Thrust: This (and the rest of the exercises below) are “accessory movements” So, I perform these after my bigger lifts (AKA squat & deadlift) Hip Thrusts have really helped me develop my glutes and “put them to work” more. I’ve always been quad/hamstring dominant when it comes to squats, and so I’ve focused on adding more glute training into my routine for development and to balance it all out.
  4. Single Leg Deadlift AND Glute Ham Raise: I love both these exercises because they really isolate the glutes/hamstrings. Go slow, keep it controlled, and really think about the muscles you are targeting.
  5. Glute Bridges: The variation I like to do of these is lying near a bench, and I put my heels up on the edge of the bench, with a circle resistance band right above my knees. As I lift up in the bridge position, I drive my heels through the bench, keep tension on the band by keeping my knees out slightly, and hold at the top and squeeze my glutes before slowly lowering back down. Be careful not to arch the back at the top, just lift high enough so that your spine stays neutral and you can contract your glutes.
  6. Walking lunges & Prowler Push (conditioning work) These are both a great way to finish as they hit everything you just worked. I like to push the prowler in intervals, there and back then rest 30seconds-1 min and then repeat. Great way to finish with a buuuuurn. 😉