Since the new year is right around the corner, we’ve come up with 5 tips to make 2016 the BEST year yet! We could go on and on with this list, but thought we would just give you a few to focus on.

  1. Don’t make resolutions: Everybody knows once January comes that’s when it’s time to make a change. Whether it’s to lose weight, start eating “healthier” or quit drinking so much, we all know these resolutions are usually short lived.
  2. Set short-term goals: So, instead set short term goals. Instead of saying that you want to lose weight, make a plan of how you are going to reach that goal. Whether it be joining a gym and working out 4 days a week or hiring a trainer/coach to help guide you through the process and coach you through nutrition. Remember that placing action behind those goals is what will move you forward.
  3. Don’t go at it alone: Accountability is key. Whether you grab a friend to go to the gym with or hire a trainer to schedule your workout sessions, having that accountability and support is huge. It will keep you from skipping out on your workouts when you have someone there waiting for you and expecting you to show up. If you haven’t lifted weights before or feel completely lost in the gym, it’s beneficial to work with a trainer to learn proper form and technique. However, be careful when choosing a trainer. A good trainer will ask several questions about you, your health history and goals, and do a full body assessment before prescribing exercise.
  4. Be patient: Don’t fall into the “Lose 10lbs in 10 days” marketing. Know that results will not happen over night. No matter what your goals are, true progress takes TIME. Enjoy the process of getting stronger and reaching each goal you set. Don’t let the scale be your only way of measuring progress. Go off of how you are feeling mentally and physically, how you feel in your clothes, and even take progress pictures. Progress can even be measured by how strong you are becoming in the gym. For example, when you start you may only be able to do 5 pushups, but within a month you are doing 10 pushups.
  5. Make SLEEP a priority: I can confidently say that adequate sleep is the key to preventing sickness! We hardly ever (knock on wood) get sick and I know it’s because of all the sleep we get. Austin and I make sleep a priority and it makes a huge difference in our every day lives. We wouldn’t have the energy to train all our clients, train ourselves, and have the energy for each other and our friends/family if we weren’t getting adequate sleep. If you want to feel strong in your workouts and have amazing energy, make sleep a priority too!



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