If you follow us on Instagram, you may have noticed I’ve been taking a lot of yoga classes lately and LOVING it.

If you haven’t been to Corepower Yoga, you MUST go try them out! I’ve been to several yoga studios in Dallas over the years and have fallen in LOVE with Corepower. From the amazing instructors, killer classes, and the large variety of class times they offer, it truly is the BEST. There are 3 locations in Dallas and I mostly go to the Mockingbird studio and on occasion the Henderson location.

First off, I chose Corepower because they offered classes at times that were convenient with my busy and often unpredictable schedule. But, after just several weeks in, I knew there was something different about this studio. For example, I have to give a huge shout out to Lisa (manager at the Mockingbird location). She is SO passionate about life and truly loves others, and that is so evident every time I take her class. Lisa makes you feel apart of the CP family and something about her class seems to just melt away all your stress and worries.

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Aside from how amazing I think Corepower is, because I could go on and on, I want to share “5 Things Yoga has taught me” on my journey thus far. Note: I’ve only been consistently practicing for about a month and a half now. 


[img_text_aside style=”2″ image=”http://equippingstrength.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/breathing-yoga.jpg” image_alignment=”right” headline=”How%20to%20Breathe” alignment=”center”]So I didn’t realize this but I’ve been breathing incorrectly for probably a good part of my life. HAH. Who knew? I think a lot of people have this same issue and breath too much in their chest and not through their bellies. I’ve learned how to connect to my breath and inhale and exhale letting my belly rise and fall. Before, (and I still have to correct myself daily) I would breath too much from my chest which I realized was causing the muscles in my upper back and neck to become overused, tight, and constantly ache. Learning proper breathing technique carries over to strength training as well, which is great! If you don’t breath properly when lifting weights, you won’t brace your core and will be more prone to injuries.[/img_text_aside]

[img_text_aside style=”2″ image=”http://equippingstrength.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/αρχείο-λήψης-370×270.jpg” image_alignment=”right” headline=”A%20different%20kind%20of%20Strength” alignment=”center”]As you probably know, Yoga really challenges your balance. Just moving through a sun salutation requires you to balance and use your core. Then there are all the different kinds of poses, headstands, handstands, etc. that also challenge your strength and balance. I remember one of my first classes when the instructor led everyone into the crow pose. Oh was I humbled in that moment! Even though I thought I was definitely stronger than everyone in that room, I couldn’t for the life of me nail that pose and kept thinking about how my triceps were killing me! Hah! I then began to realize it’s more of a balance thing that anything and requires consistent practice, just like anything in life. I just recently nailed the crow pose, and it felt SO good and has made me excited to see what other poses I can build up to in the coming months. So stay tuned! 😉 



[img_text_aside style=”2″ image=”http://equippingstrength.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/Yoga-Asana.jpg” image_alignment=”right” headline=”How%20to%20Quite%20my%20Mind” alignment=”center”]My husband will be the first to tell you, my mind is always running. Often times I lay in bed at night and just start spouting out random things I want to do/ideas I have/etc. and often feel like there’s always something I need to be doing. And bless his heart because he’s just laying over there like, “Really? You are thinking about that right now? It’s time to go to sleep. Turn your brain off.” Hah! For me, it’s really hard sometimes. When I first started yoga, I had no idea how to “connect your breath to the movements” or what that even meant. When it came time for the end of class and time for the final “savasana” (the part where you lay there and do nothing 🙂 ) I would totally just start thinking about what I was going to do the rest of the day or things I needed to get done. But I can say, that with consistent practice, I am able to connect my breath to the movements and focus on being in the moment, on my mat. I’ve been able to take that hour for myself to not worry about my to do list, things that were bothering me, or a million other things I probably should be doing. And let me tell you…taking time to turn down your thoughts is SO important and good for your health.[/img_text_aside]

[img_text_aside style=”2″ image=”http://equippingstrength.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/corepower-yoga.jpg” image_alignment=”right” headline=”How%20to%20be%20a%20Student” alignment=”center”]I absolutely LOVE my job. I love training my clients, teaching, coaching, and encouraging them. I love being able to pour into other people and help them take charge of their health. With all the teaching I do on a daily basis, I’ve learned how nice it is to BE the student and to learn. It’s sometimes nice to not be the one teaching the class, but get to attend the class. I’ve really liked that since starting my yoga practice.


[img_text_aside style=”2″ image=”http://equippingstrength.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/corepower-yoga-13-750xx1800-1013-0-94.jpg” image_alignment=”right” headline=”How%20to%20Stay%20Calm” alignment=”center”]I’ve noticed that days when I take yoga, I am able to stay more calm throughout the rest of my day. I feel more centered and little things that would normally aggravate me, aren’t a big deal. I really believe this has helped keep my stress levels under control. Taking time out of the day to stretch, breathe, and sweat works wonders.



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