Since it’s finally FALL and school is back is session, summer vacations are over, and everyone’s back on a schedule, I thought this would be the perfect time to share how I, personally reach my goals.


Although there are TONS of other things that go into play, I’ve narrowed down 5 that I believe are most important and are SIMPLE steps you can add into your routine TODAY.

Pencil my workouts into my schedule

This is key for me. Each week I have all my clients on my google calendar as well as any events that are happening that week. I make sure I block off about 1.5-2 hours each day for my own training session. Depending on the day, I usually workout anywhere from 45min-75min. Then I like to have a post workout meal and shower/freshen up. I make it a point to schedule time in the 24hrs each day to work on myself and my goals. I believe this is KEY to long term success. I know that how much time one can devote to working out each day will vary from person to person, but I do believe that everyone can find at LEAST 30min each day to set aside for themselves. No excuses. 


Take progress pictures

Pictures are my main source of measuring progress. Yes I do weigh throughout the week and take an average of my weight weekly (this is great especially for females who’s weight fluctuates SO much). However, pictures are a bigger motivator because I can see what the scale does not tell me and can visualize the progress I am making in my body composition. It’s also cool to compare week 1 to week 4 and week 4 to week 16 and so on and so forth. Plus, who doesn’t want a good before and after picture?!

Plan my meals for the next day

Since every day is a bit different for me, planning what I am going to eat ahead of time helps SO much! I can just pull up my schedule for the next day and plan out my breakfast, maybe a snack since I’ll have to eat a later lunch that day, then dinner, and maybe even plan an after dinner treat since I always have that sweet tooth! Since I count my macros, this also helps a ton because I can fill in the gaps/change up the portions ahead of time and then when the following day comes, I know exactly what I am going to eat to fit my schedule AND keep my on track with reaching my goals for the day.


Get moving first thing in the AM

This has been a recent addition for me. I start training my clients at 6am almost every morning during the weekdays, and I’m often pretty tired when I roll out of bed. I’ve started setting my alarm earlier and getting into the gym before my first client to stretch, foam roll, and do about 25-30min of incline walking. This helps me wake up, get my blood flowing, and just mentally prepare myself for the day. Plus, this may be great for you if you do have a pretty sedentary job because it will help you get some extra steps/activity in for the day.

outdoor run

Hydrate first thing in the AM

EVERY morning when I wake up, the first thing I drink is WATER. Most of the time I’ll do a scoop of BCAA’s with about 12-16oz of water and take it into the gym with me. Before my breakfast I like to do this little concoction of 1 Tbsp apple cider vinegar, 1 Tbsp Coconut Kefir (full of probiotics), 2 Tbsp lemon juice, about 8oz warm water, few shakes of cinnamon, one shake cayenne pepper, and 1 packet of stevia. It’s actually really good! The stevia and cinnamon give it a sweetness and the cayenne/vinegar give it a little fire!

I like this drink because I feel like it helps with my digestion and keeping everything regular. Usually after breakfast I drink my peppermint herbal tea again to aid in digestion and because it’s just SO good.

I don’t drink coffee and do not do well with caffeine. I cut it out a long time ago and noticed it was making me feel really dehydrated and lethargic within a couple hours. If you do drink coffee, I would suggest drinking at least 12oz of water first thing in the AM before. Since you just went all night without any water, your body NEEDS it in the morning.


Of course sleep is important (I get about 7-9hrs per night), nutrition is KEY, and the right training regimen is what will transform your body. But that can be another topic for another day.

Start with these 5 things and incorporate them into your life TODAY. I’d love to hear if they help you reach your goals because I believe that if you can be CONSISTENT and make this a LIFESTYLE, you will already be one step closer to reaching YOUR goals.



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