Exercises to Increase Your Bench

  • The bench press seems to be the most popular movement among men in the gym. It is the king of increase horizontal pushing strength. When done correctly, the bench press can strength your chest, shoulders, triceps, and even your lats!
  • Before working on increasing your bench press strength, make sure you are correctly performing the movement. This will increase your weight and increase stability/safety of the exercise. 

Here are some great exercises to help you keep your bench going

  1. Overhead Press
    1. I prefer to do this exercise standing. The OHP is a great bang for your buck movement as it helps increase strength in all your pressing muscles, upper back, and trunk
    2. Make sure you have the proper mobility in your upper back/shoulders before performing this movement
  2. Close Grip Bench
    1. Very similar to the standard grip bench. Varying your grip will allow you to focus on weaknesses in elbow extension
    2. Vary your rep ranges 5-12 reps
  3. Lat Pulldown/Pull up
    1. The lats play a valuble role in the stability of your pressing movements
    2. Utilize the lat pulldown if you are unable to complete more than 5 strict pull ups
  4. Dips
    1. Body weight movement
    2. More triceps extensions while integrating some of the chest and shoulders