Summer is right around the corner, will YOU be ready!? These 3 things are sure to get you ready for the beach, the pool, or that summer getaway!


Lifting Weights

If you aren’t lifting weights, what are you waiting for? If you think lifting weights is going to make you bulky, THINK AGAIN. Lifting weights will actually help you LOSE inches, tighten/tone, and improve your overall body composition. If you take 1 lb of fat and 1 lb of muscle and compare them, you will find that the 1 lb of fat takes up more space, whereas the 1 lb of muscle is more dense and appears smaller. A person who doesn’t lift weights, probably doesn’t have much muscle mass. If you feel like you’ve gotten “bigger” since lifting weights, then it’s time to check out your DIET.

Modified Pushup A

Tracking your Macros

That brings me to my next point, start tracking your macros! Macronutrients are the protein, carbs, and fat that make up ALL foods. You can find a macro number on each food. For example 4oz of grilled chicken breast has about 24g protein, 0 carbs, 1 fat. And 1 tbsp of peanut butter has about 8g fat, 3 carbs, 3 protein. If you’re eating healthy but still feeling like you’re missing something, THIS IS IT. Every individual has different daily macronutrient needs, depending on their own body composition, activity level, and goals/needs. And remember, calories in vs. calories out is TRUE. No matter if whether you are eating “clean,” if you’re eating too many calories than your body burns, you will not lose weight. Also, if you’re not eating enough protein for your needs, again you will have a hard time building muscle and transforming your body.


Cut out liquid calories 

Sodas, fruit juices, even those “healthy” cold pressed juices have TONS of calories! I don’t know if you’re anything like me, but I like to EAT my calories. Swap out sodas for sparkling water like Le Croix, and buy some of those simply lemonade sticks (the ones made with stevia) for those days you want a cold drink by the pool. And cut out or at least cut back on alcohol. If you are serious about losing some pounds or leaning out, this is one of the simplest no brainers. Vow to having only 1-2 drinks over the weekend and quit drinking during the week. When you go to an event opt for a glass of champagne (approx 90 cal) and just sip it throughout the night. Remember, if you are already in a calorie deficit, you are going to be hungry and aren’t going to want to waste those calories on drinks! 


What are your favorite way tips & tricks to prep for SUMMER? Leave them in the comment below! 


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