If you already lift weights, this is to ENCOURAGE you to keep it up! If you don’t, here are some benefits of why you should lift.


More muscle = Faster Metabolism/BMR

When you lift weights consistently and you start building lean muscle, you lose body fat and your lean muscle ratio goes up. Therefore, you’re BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) increases. What does that mean? Well, to put it simply, it means that you burn more calories at rest. Whoo hoo! Who doesn’t want that? If there is a way to burn more calories just sleeping or sitting at your desk, why wouldn’t you do that?! This also means, you can get away with eating more! Win win! The more muscle you have, the more your body uses up all those calories for fuel to feed those muscles.

Address Weaknesses/Prevent Injuries

A body that does not work on strengthening itself on a consistent basis, becomes weak. Simple, right? For example, let’s say “Bob” sits at his desk at work all day typing away at his computer. After work he goes home, has dinner and lays on the couch to catch up on sports before going to bed. He goes for the occasional walk every now and then or hops on the elliptical/treadmill at the gym. Bob starts complaining of lower back pain, issues with his shoulders, and feeling really tight in his hip flexors and hamstrings. Look at it this way, Bob sits at his computer all day and if we’re honest his posture is anything short of perfect. His upper back is rounded forward and his shoulders protracted (turned in) most of the day. He doesn’t get much time to get up and move around so his hips are flexed most of the day, causing tightness in his hip flexors. His bad posture leads to rounding in his lower spine which is causing his lower back to ache and his hamstrings to feel really tight. Bob is a TICKING TIME BOMB.

If you can relate to Bob or know someone who can, the best thing is to start addressing those weaknesses. If not, an injury is just waiting to happen.

Lifting weights will address all of those issues of weaknesses, compensation patterns, and limited range of motion. If your body is feeling tight or if you’re in pain, I can assure you that working on getting stronger will only benefit you!


Last but not least, lifting weights will GREATLY improve your aesthetics. Everybody wants to feel confident in their own skin, and I can personally tell you that lifting weights is the key to sculpting your own body and truly transforming the way you look. The more lean muscle you put on, the more definition you will begin to see. However, I will say NUTRITION is key, because you want to make sure how much you are eating is in line with your goals of building a lean, strong physique. And remember, just doing cardio will not give you the same results. Too much cardio can be even damaging and will possibly prevent you from building and maintaining muscle. For females who are worried they are going to “bulk up” DON’T EVEN WORRY! You’re only going to look “bulky” if you haven’t lost the extra body fat yet and if you’re eating way too many calories. So talk to us and we can help get your nutrition on track so that you will burn fat, build muscle, and feel your best!

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