Today is October 2nd, 2014. Exactly ONE Month until our WEDDING!!! So, in honor of today, here are “10 fun facts about us.”


1. We love the beach

2. Most of the time we would rather cook at home than go out to eat

3. Austin does not like sweets-no chocolate, cake, cookies, nothing. (Anna doesn’t understand it 😉 )

4. Anna enjoys a relaxing night in, more than a late night out on the town

5. We are both morning people and breakfast is our FAVORITE

6. Our first dance ever was to Randy Rogers, “Interstate” We were still just friends at that time

7. Austin won his first power lifting competition last April and he can dead lift over 500 lbs

8. Anna hopes to write her own cookbook one day

9. We both hope to open up our own garage gym one day, preferably near the beach

10. We are best friends. When we were just friends/coworkers we would talk for hours in the gym and it only felt like 10 minutes. When we started dating and hanging out, 4 hours went by in a flash. We enjoy spending time together and are excited to spend the rest of our lives having fun, laughing, and loving.


This is an exciting month for us leading up to our wedding. For those who will be at our wedding, we are looking forward to celebrating life and love with you!

Stay STRONG today!